Some useful widows commands


Actually I use Ubuntu operating system almost 1.5 years for official work. That time I really enjoyed working in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS version. That was a stable version of Ubuntu. That time also other Ubuntu versions are released 10.11, 11.04, and 11.11. But all are not as stable as 10.04.

The main facility was using Ubuntu system, the rich command line. We can easily do most of the things in command line such as SSH Login, copy/cut paste, run applications and many other things. And the operating system is not hanged easily. And if it hangs any time then we can kill the process easily by command line (terminal in Ubuntu).

The main problem in windows operating system is it hangs many time while working (actually most of them when important work doing). We can kill process here also by task manager. Its graphical user interface is best for non-technical persons. But for technical persons, these hanging times are boring.

As for my official work, I use windows xp, I finds some command are useful for faster OS responds.

Here are those useful commands which I used in Command Prompt(cmd.exe):

For going one directory to another directory: pushd

Example: C:\Documents and Settings\username> pushd D:\New folder\New folder\New folder……….

Then we can jump to that folder easily.

For deleting one huge folder: rmdir /Q /S folder_name

This command will not ask for any permission and start deleting that folder and its internal all folder and files.

For showing help of any command: rmdir/?

That will show rmdir command related help in command line.

To show recursive directory listing:
dir /?
dir /s
dir /s /b
dir /s /b /a:d
dir /s /b /a:d>output.txt

That’s all for today. It I came to know anything else I will update.


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