An approach to create custom randomized, secured keyboard for Android


Recently Me and my team received a request to prepare a custom random keyboard for Android. This keyboard will be an Android library, which will be incorporate as a part of a secured application.

To prepare this kind of library, we found an approach to build a custom keyboard in Android. An engineer from Netherlands published a brief article creating a custom keyboard : link

And also he published his code there: link

Here i am discussing how we could randomized the keyboard using random layouts.

We need to prepare some random layouts for each type of keyboard. We could have three type of layouts:

  • Alphabetic keyboard
  • Symbolic keyboard
  • Numerical keyboard

For this we can have a simple program which can generate randomized layout.

Now push these layout into assets folder of the application and choose randomly one layout among those.

Thus we can prepare a secured, random and unpredictable keyboard easily.

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