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Install Teletalk 3G modem in Ubuntu 12.04

Go to this folder Linux/PCL_BGTLK run command in terminal: sudo apt-get install libqt3-mt sudo apt-get install libxplc0.3.13 sudo apt-get install wvdial sudo ./install.sh

Some other useful command for windows

To show the run command box : Windows key+R There are some commands we can use in the run command box: calc = To open calculator. tree = For refreshing all drives and folders. mspaint = To open paint software msconfig = To open system configuration utility notepad = To open notepad. notepad++ = For open notepad++(if notepad++ software installed … Read More

Some useful widows commands

Actually I use Ubuntu operating system almost 1.5 years for official work. That time I really enjoyed working in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS version. That was a stable version of Ubuntu. That time also other Ubuntu versions are released 10.11, 11.04, and 11.11. But all are not as stable as 10.04. The main facility was using Ubuntu system, the rich command … Read More

Some common shortcut and website

┬áSome common shortcut that we know: Here I am sharing some common shortcut I use and most software use this shortcut. Ctrl+A Select all Ctrl+C copy some content Ctrl+P past some content Ctrl+X cut some content Ctrl+Z undo the last action Ctrl+F find something Ctrl+W close a window or tab Ctrl+O open an existing file Ctrl+N open a new file … Read More