Hello Everybody, I am Riazul Karim Ivan. I passed My B, Sc in Computer Science And Engineering from University of Dhaka.
Here I am sharing some things that I experience useful.
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I want to share my personal view with the world. For this, i am using this blog.
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Riazul Karim Ivan
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Now working in Samsung Bangladesh R and D Center as Senior Software Engineer from March 27 2012.
Training on ST Ericsson Mobile Platforms NXP Architecture
Assigned on Team: Browser, SNS and Java (Total Member 4)
Training on Platforms side Browser, SNS and Java modules.
Duration: 2 MonthsTraining on Spactrum Mocor Platfrom Architecture from Samsung India (15days)
Team: Total Members 20
Total Duration: 9 Months
Total Projects: 8Responsibility:

Two basic settings feature implements.
Mainly working Modules:
Idle Screen->Dial screen, Call and message notifications,
Settings Menu->Almost every section in settings menu like SIM management, Phone, Time and Date, Display, Reset, Network etc.
Organizer Menu->Alarms, Convertor, Memo etc.Best issue resolver in one project.
Specialty in Trace analysis, RAMDUMP debugging and resolving functional error
Team: Browser, SNS and Java (Total Member 6)


Sub Team Lead.
Manage the team when team lead is not present.
Issue assign among the team member.
SNS modules: Facebook, Twitter native applications
Java module: Porting layer between platform and java. Communicate between our team and java team.

Common responsibility:

Communicate between internal teams with in Samsung Bangladesh,
Communicate between external teams with other Samsung R & D centers.
Communicate between test engineers.
Communicate between our team and java team.